{HDO} Range
An aromatic twist of element liqueur, an orange based rum, with Disarrono, Brandy and fresh orange juice
Porn Star
Vanilla vodka and passoa shaken over ice with passion fruit puree, with a shooter of champagne for that touch of sparkle.
That perfect Sex and the City cocktail, Citron vodka, Cointreau, cranberry and orange zest.
{HDO} Make Your Own
What’s your flavour? Tell us and we’ll make you your own unique cocktail.
Layered peach liqueurs and topped with Prosecco.
For those who like it classic with Havana 3yr, fresh lime and mint, topped with lemonade, soda… or go strawberry!
{HDO} Royale
A classic royale but HDO style. Chambord cherry liqueur with rosé Prosecco.
Lychee Martini
Go all lychee. With vodka, lychee liqueur and fresh lychee juice.
{HDO} Martini
Shaken not stirred. A shot of our house espresso with vodka, kahlua and a hint of Baileys… garnished with coffee beans.

Coffee & Hot Drinks

Flat White £2.40
Cappuccino £2.15
Latte £2.15
Americano £1.85
Mocha £2.35
Hot Chocolate £2.20
Tea £1.70
Espresso £1.45
Macchiato £1.45


House Tequila 38% £4.00
Patron Tequila 40% £5.50
Patron Tequila Coffee 35% £5.50
Tequila Rose 15% £5.50
Jagermeister 35% £4.00
JagerBomb 35% £5.00
Sambuca 40% £4.00


House Vodka s £5.00 d £8.00
Southern Comfort s £5.00 d £8.00
Bombay Sapphire s £5.00 d £8.00
Malibu s £5.00 d £8.00
Amaretto Disaronno s £5.00 d £8.00
Remy Martin s £7.00 d £10.00
Courvolsier s £5.00 d £8.00
Baileys s £5.00 d £8.00
Hennessy s £7.00 d £10.00
Ciroc Vodka s £7.00 d £10.00
Jack Daniels s £5.00 d £8.00
Captain Morgan s £5.00 d £8.00
Gordon’s Gin s £7.00 d £10.00
Belvedere Vodka s £7.00 d £10.00

Soft Drinks

Coke £2.00
Diet Coke £2.00
Lemonade £2.00
Fanta £2.00
Diet Lemonade £2.00
Orange Juice £1.75
Apple Juice £1.75
Cranberry Juice £1.75
Pineapple Juice £1.75
Tomato Juice £1.75
Premium Orange Juice £2.00
Red Bull £2.50
J2O £2.50
Soda Water £2.00
Tonic Water £2.00
Fiji Water 1l £3.75
Fiji Water 0.5l £2.00
San Pelligrino sparkling £2.00

Beers & Ciders

All beers and ciders are 330ml

Peroni 5.1% £4.25
Corona 4.6% £4.25
Nils Oscar God Lager 5.3% £4.50
Meantime Pilsner 4.4% £4.50
Duvel 8.5% £4.85
Rekorderlig Cider 4.5% £4.50


175ml 250ml Bottle
Caze Blanque Chardonnay France, 2012
Crisp, green apple and Opus Chardonnay, lemon palate.
£5.00 £6.00 £19.00
Colli Argento Pinot Grigio Italy, 2012
Lemon & lime nose, crisp elegant acidity on the palate leads to green apple and lemon finish.
£5.00 £6.00 £19.00


175ml 250ml Bottle
Jean de la Roche Merlot France, 2011
Rich plum & recurrent nose, soft tannins, juicy strawberries & raspberry flavours.
£5.00 £6.00 £19.00
Castrijo Rioja Crianza Spain, 2009
Fresh slim and raspberry nose, typical cigar, cranberry & vanilla palate, rounded tannins.


175ml 250ml Bottle
Le Ballerine Pinot Grigio Blush Italy, 2012
Salmon pink colour, fresh vibrant nose of red summer fruits. Crisp refreshing light palate.
£5.00 £6.00 £19.00

Sparkling Wine

Glass Bottle
Terra Serena Prosecco DOC NV Italy
Salmon pink colour, fresh vibrant nose of red summer fruits. Crisp refreshing light palate.
£5.00 £23.00
Terra Serena Spumante Rose NV Italy
Strawberry and raspberry nose, ripe fruit flavours on the palate. Easy summer drinking.
£5.00 £23.00


Glass Bottle
Veuve Clicquot France
The initial notes of fruit are followed by more discrete aromas of brioche and vanilla.
£8.00 £60.00
Laurent Parrier Cuvée Rosé France
Unusually made by the saignée method, with plenty of stylish strawberry fruit, full of vivacity and easy-drinking charm.
Dom Perignon Brut France, 2003
Beautifully buttery and toasty with a light, floral and a minimal edge that has a lime-peel freshness.

Special Flavours

Blue Magic
Sweet and cooling blueberry with a slight after taste of refreshing mint.
A mixture of Indian spices and floral flavours, also known as sweet paan.
Cuban Mojito
Crushed exotic limes, leaving with an exhale of cooling wild mint.
Déjà Vu
Mix up of ice cool cola and lime soda, with a splash of passion fruit to give a sweet after taste.
A mixture of white and red jelly babies, with a slight undertone of pineapple.
Frozen Apple
A blend of refreshing summer green apple and tart mint cordial.

Classic Flavours

Double Apple £15
Grape & Mint £15
Apple, Grape & Mint £20
The English rose of flavours with a dash of lemon and orange, true taste of British Summer.
La Vida Loco
A fine blend of cucumber mojito with a subtle but creamy after taste of coconut water.
Red Skittles
A true taste of refreshing strawberry candy, truly a very sweet and intense taste.
Smurf Berries
A blend of raw British wild berries, a very sweet and intense taste.
A taste of ripe and sweet citrus fruits with a delicate touch of black mint.
Watermelon Chill
Juicy watermelon with an after taste of refreshing menthol. Perfect for the summer!